Last week, about 100 people gathered in Salt Lake City to resign together from the Church of Latter-Day Saints. 

They were protesting the church’s recent ex-communication of Kate Kelly, the Mormon founder of the group Ordain Women, and other feminist and LGBT activists who have taken heat from the Mormon church for speaking up about their beliefs. 

Organized by Micah Nickolaisen, the event collected letters of resignation from those concerned that the church does not welcome differences or diversity of opinion.

“The purpose of this sort of event, demonstration, protest, is to give voice to the people that are marginalized within the LDS religious community,” Nickolaisen told Fox 13.

“I’m particularly excited to be here today because the reason I initially stopped participating in the church is because of issues of gender and the way that women are treated in the church,” added Tamara Fox, a protestor who submitted a letter of resignation.

Not LGBT-specific, but damn if this isn’t important to us, too. Don’t accept being treated as less-than. We are not second class, and neither are our advocates.

I remember reading this actually on my Facebook because my friend back there thought it was ridiculous that a woman of the Mormon church would even be a feminist and that it goes against The prophets beliefs.
Needless to say I am so happy to see people protesting against that church for equality.


Things people with Social Anxiety do


•go to the bathroom to escape

•feel very uncomfortable without a phone or some other crutch

•dwell on a small awkward moment for much longer than necessary

•never go to any social event without a person that makes you feel comfortable

•follow said person way too much

•worry about the person beginning to find you obnoxious

•faking an illness to get out of a social event